✅ 15 Mens Long Hairstyles for Different Occasions – Formal, Corporate & Casual

In this video, I’m going to be sharing 15 different mens long hairstyles for different occasions.

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I found just by listening to some of you guys, having appropriate hairstyles for things like going for a job interview or going to your formal is something that is not spoken about a lot.

I find this rather strange because at some point we all find ourselves in these different social landscapes, so it seemed totally relevant to make some content about.

Anyway, deciding which hairstyles are going to work for men with long hair, can be a little bit tricky. Let’s face it, the guys with the short hair, they can just go shaving sides, look sleek, use bit of blumaan whee and they look good for any occasion, right?

But what about us guys with long hair? We struggle with big fuzziness, we struggle with the length, we struggle with looking presentable in a corporate sense (there are so many issues with that just quietly) and yeah it’s kind of stupid if you ask me.

I thought I’d break this down into four different mens long hairstyle categories as well. We’ve got:
– Formal hairstyles for guys with long hair
– Semi-formal hairstyles for guys with long hair.
– Business hairstyles for guys with long hair.
– Casual hairstyles for guys with long hair

There’s a lot of these long hairstyles that crossover, meaning some can work with multiple categories then others are just specifically like, whoa, you just don’t cross that line.

So for a formal events like red carpets, awards nights, proms etc, I’ve listed the follow long hairstyles for men:
Beach waves (long but controlled)
Neat low bun
Neat middle bun
Or low ponytail
Slick back undercut and full hair

For semi-formal events I cover the following hairstyles:
Asymmetrical curly
Any neat man bun variation
Double sided braid Man Bun
Rockstar curls (harry styles hair)
Side swoop with undercut
Half up half down man bun
Man braid with undercut

Long hairstyles for a corporate or business setting:
Neat low bun
Neat middle bun
Slickback with undercut

Casual mens long hairstyles:
Out and crazy
Side swoop with undercut
Messy waves #sexhair
Fedora hat (straight)
All man bun types (messy)
Half up half down (messy)

I hope you guys actually find this video informative. I know it can be quite a confusing topic but I’ve tried to simplify it as much as possible.

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